So who or what is going to be at this party?


1. Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby, Ninja Rap , Star of “The Vanilla Ice Project” on DIY Network. First rapper to have the #1 song on the Billboard charts in 1990. Ice also performed Ninja Rap in the 2nd TMNT movie. For the first time in 23 years, he will perform the song again with all 4 movie accurate turtles on a stage!

2. Shock G of Digital Underground  – Ft Humpty Hump, DJ Fuze and PeeWee

2.5 Young MC – Coolio bailed on us… So we replaced him with Young MC and another act that we can’t announce yet! So don’t just stand there bust a move

3. Tone Loc – Platinum selling recording artist, Star of Surf Ninjas and Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Performer of party hits “Wild Thing” and “Funky Cold Medina”.

4. Partners in Kryme – Wrote and performed Turtle Power for the original TMNT movie in 1990. The song is played during the credits.

5. Rob Base – Multi Platinum recording artist who’s hit party songs “Joy and Pain”, “Get on the Dance Floor” and “It Takes Two” took the USA by storm in 1989.

6. DJ Baby Chino – The world’s youngest professional touring DJ, only 11 years old.

22. Graceland Ninjaz – Our opening act, a Dallas based party band headed up by the King himself! This is no Elvis impersonator; they will get the party started!


7. Back 2 the Future Delorean – VideoBob has been featured on Auction Kings, Pawn Stars and several other shows with his 100% movie accurate Delorean. The original creator of the car for the film has stated many time on camera that the car is the best he has ever seen, and is in fact better than the one they used in the film.

8. Ninja Turtles Party Wagon – A hand made life size fully functional replica of the classic TMNT van that was featured in the original 1988 Cartoon series and video game. This vehicle makes special appearances around the nation wherever turtle fans are to be found.

9. Diamond Jim Tyler – Dallas area magician and illusionist DJT is a world traveling, book writing, professional with more than 25 years of experience. His incredible brand of humor, illusion and magic will leave you breathless.

10. The Ninja Turtles – All the way from the sewers of Brooklyn NYC, the TMNT are 4 pet turtles transformed by a toxic ooze of unknown orgin. Today they fight crime and keep an eye out for the evil Shredder. Their favorite food is pizza, and they love to dance to Vanilla Ice.

11. Sumo Suit Wrestling – Suit up into a jumbo fat suit and wrestle with a friend until you cannot laugh any more!

12. TED the Bear. Alive, talking, and walking. Not safe for children. There may or may not be a little person inside of this movie accurate costume.

13. Life Size Foxes of Minneapolis – They know what the Fox says, and they welcome any reason to leave the snowy doom of Minnesota.

14. Massive Foot Clan Arcade Area – Play more than 60 of the best arcade classics and pinball machines from the 80’s and 90’s for free. No quarters needed. Wanna bring a machine? I will buy your ticket.

15. VIP Area – VIP only… what happens in here… will go on the internet.

16. Nerf Guns World Record Battle – Bring a new nerf gun of any size or capacity to the show. If more than 430 guns are brought we will set the Guinness World Record for the largest nerf gun battle.

17. CANCELED Miki the Monkey – Meet Miki, the Capuchin Monkey. Miki is 17 years old and is a professional entertainer. He loves rap music. Just to once again be clear… there will be a live monkey at the party… and he will wear a tuxedo. Ask him for a kiss!

18. Burton Gilliam – The famous cowboy from the classic comedy “Blazing Saddles” he was also the gun salesmen in Back to the Future 3. Burton has been featured in many other movies and tv-shows over the years and appears locally in DFW as a car dealership spokesperson. “I don’t care how you get here, just get here!”.

19. Free Cane Rosso Pizza – All Attendees will get a voucher that they can exchange for 2 Slices of hand made wood fired Neapolitan style pizza! Cowabunga!

20. Free MicroMachines – All attendees will receive a vintage 20 year old MicroMachines from Dallas Vintage Toys. Limit one per person! Radical!

21. Big Al Mac – Big Al is a local DFW Radio Host and Bar Owner. He will serve as the official emcee of the event!

22. Graceland Ninjaz – Our opening act, a Dallas based party band headed up by the King himself! This is no Elvis impersonator; they will get the party started!

23. Mechanical Bull – Hop on a wild raging mechanical bull for free! No additional charges! Special prize for the person who can hang on the longest!